Polenak Law Firm is recognized as a practice leader in many areas of the law.
We provide:

  • General consultation and advice in the Firm’s areas of practice.
  • Analysis of laws and regulations regarding areas applicable to the interest of our clients and their transactions.
  • Analysis of changes and amendments in laws and regulations, as they affect the client.
  • Representation of companies and physical persons at the courts in Republic of North Macedonia.
  • Representation at ministries, municipalities, governmental agencies and other agencies.
  • Legal due diligence of companies.
  • Registrations and fillings of applications in connection with creation of companies, various organizational changes of corporate nature.
  • Registration and renewal of registration of intellectual property, trademarks and copyright.
  • Permanent and complete representing and legal advice to production and commercial companies, institutes and firms from the country and from abroad.
  • Registrations of employees, registration in the statistic’s bureau, registration for VAT, opening accounts and other actions necessary for launching the operations of a new company.
  • Legal Assistance in share transfers and contacts with brokerage houses.
  • Finding investment opportunities in Republic of North Macedonia.